IMPORTANT ANNOONCEMENT! December 16 is the last day for Australian Christmas orders if you want them in the post by the 17th! The 17th is the last day that the new improved now terrible Australia post will have any chance of getting your stuff to you before Christmas. We will take orders after the 16th but we cannot guarantee they will get to you before 2019.

This is our lovely shop. Most of the things you see on this page are sold on this site, except if you look down at the bottom. If you want t-shirts, mugs, stickers or even throw cushions click here to be taken to our Redbubble First Dog shop. It can be a bit confusing but you will be ok.


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redbubble shop

Most First Dog merchandise is sold right here on the website you’re on now, however a few items are sold through another website called Redbubble. We use Redbubble because we can have offer a bunch of print-on-demand products like shirts, hoodies and mugs. To purchase these products, you’ll be taken to the Redbubble site to make your order - that order will be separate from any products you buy on our site.