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You can still see the cartoons in the Guardian for free of course but if you would like to support the ongoing work of the Institute on a monthly basis or one off (as a gift for yourself or someone near and dear) choose your subscription level below. Whichever level of membership you choose you will get get some stuff!

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$3 per month
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Become a pademelon! This is the hoppiest level of institute membership.

1. You’ll get a virtual membership certificate with a picture of you on it (may not actually look like you)

2. Exclusive member content!

3. I will answer your emails – at least the first one anyway (don’t make it weird!)

4.Other stuff when I think of it.


$10 per month
$120 per year

Bandicoot! This is the most snoothole adjacent membership level.

1. You get all the stuff pademelons get.

2. A fridge magnet or tea towel whatever we have around.

3. A signed copy of a recent first dog book (like The  Carbon Neutral Adventures of the Indefatigable Enviroteens or that sort of thing)


$25 per month
$300 per year

Oh my goodness you could be a quoll! If there is a bitier more wriggle leap twist membership tier I don’t know what it is. (there isn’t!)

Quolls get Pademelon and Bandicoot stuff and…

1. A First Dog on the Moon Calendar every year. EVERY YEAR! (While your membership is active obviously otherwise that would be silly)

2. A hand drawn christmas or birthday card addressed to you specifically!