Statement regarding Guide to Modern Living

An important statement from the First Dog on the Moon Institute

The groundbreaking satirical radio program First Dog on the Moon’s Guide to Modern Living was broadcast on ABC Radio National’s Sunday Extra program every Sunday morning for four years, ending in 2016. First Dog on the Moon (Walkley award winning political cartoonist with The Guardian Australia) wrote and presented the program each week with the assistance of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s vast technical infrastructure (especially the sound effects library) along with Mr Jonathan Green, who was the host of Sunday Extra providing editorial oversight and occasionally funny voices also some jokes but not the good ones.

In mid 2016 the news came through that Mr Green’s tenure at the Sunday Extra show was coming to an end and that he was to be replaced by Tom Switzer formally of the IPA but who it turns out is actually quite nice despite that, he was opposed to the Iraq war apparently. While no information about the Guide to Modern Living was forthcoming it was assumed that “The Guide” in its current format at least, would be finishing when Sunday Extra changed presenters.

First Dog on the Moon responded by drawing a snide cartoon about how short sighted ABC management were and how the IPA was taking over the public broadcaster and it was all a disgrace. Everyone was quite upset and wrote letters and complained on the internet.

In mid December 2016, First Dog on the Moon received a call from the Head of Spoken Talking and Noises at ABC’s Radio National Editorial Program Content Management Facilities Department who said “did you want to keep doing the guide it wasn’t cancelled we just didn’t get our shit together to call you until now – Tom is quite keen to have the show keep going”.

Mr Onthemoon who had been worked up into quite a state of indignation suddenly discovered that the radio show could keep going it wasn’t some huge right wing conspiracy or even a small one.

This could have been hugely embarrassing however fortunately First Dog on the Moon has no shame and thought the whole thing was actually rather funny. It was decided that the First Dog on the Moon Institute would release a public statement retracting the baseless claim that the Guide had been cancelled for ideological reasons it hadn’t been cancelled at all. Here is that statement you are reading it.

However along with the need to virtually relocate The Guide to Sydney from Brunswick and to do the whole thing alone (without Jonathan “The Frog” Green who actually did most of the work but not the good jokes) and frankly 4 years is a long time First Dog on the Moon decided the radio version of the Guide would take a break, however the program would be turned into a book and a live action comedy spectacular which would be ready for the end of 2017.

Grateful for the opportunity to present the show for four years and also mindful of the need to suck up to management in order to get back on the tax payer funded public broadcasting gravy train later, First Dog on the Moon thanked everyone concerned especially the listeners and went and had a lie down.

You’re welcome.