Day 8

Dear Diary, this was the hardest day ever. No you can laugh but we rode our bikes up Bakers Tier about 70k from Bothwell to Miena – and because of the distance and the hills we could only use the power on the biggest hills. A v long day. It all started nicely in Bothwell, posted some postcards and tootled along. The first hill and we were like is that it? It wasn’t that bad, but the second was and the third, fourth and fifth and they just kept going. We arrived at Miena finally which is on top of a mountain and has a nice lake. The great lakes hotel is by far the worst accommodation we have had it is like living in a cave. Do not stay here ever. The pub part was quite nice and the lake is very lakesque. The bread for the toast is mouldy and there is no one here to replace it they have not heard the last of this.