Day 7ish


Dear Diary, Day 7, if that is what it is, started with a tour of Redlands Distillery. It was the first birthday of Barrel number 1 – their first ever cask and we had a taste and it was pretty good for something only a year old. Nice dark colour too, redlands are going to be something. We met Dean their head distiller – he got the job answering an ad on Gum Tree so there you go. Beautiful spot and everyone was lovely. We cycled to Pontypines which is a small town near the nightgarden (abc 4 kids joke) look it was something like that. Pootville or Pontywonty Valley I don’t remember i was busy trying not to be run over. Most Tassie drivers have been good but some have been BAD. On the way to Ponkvale we stopped at the DeathCorp Pulp Mill and i took a photo and security turned up and said “no photos if you take a photo you can be prosecuted” and i was all like “mate this is australia what are you on about” and he was all “mate” and i was all “maaaate!” Anyway while we were talking i secretly took a photo and put it on instagram TAKE THAT TREE HATERS! We had a not very good lunch at Pinky Town and then got a lift with Ian to Belgrove because we are lazy and old. The distillery at Belgrove is mental, we met Peter who is a farmer, distiller and award winning sand sculptor. He is a proper renaissance person and also makes his own biodiesel. We saw his sheep and drank something called Ginger Hammer which made me want to cry it was so good. Then to Bothwell and the biggest hill yet on the way. At Bothwell pub we met Dennis and his stuffed fox Basil who he uses to trick the Tasmanian Government Fox Finding Taskforce into thinking there are foxes. There was goat curry on the menu and Jon had some. I explained to Dennis my theory about goats. He did not seem very interested.