Day 95

Dear Diary, we awoke at Jon’s Shack and saw a bandicoot! V exciting. Then we rode to Bob’s Fruit Farm and saw Bob and a lot of fruit. The musk lorikeets had gotten under the nets and into the nashi pears. We discovered some were caught! I rescued one and was given a nasty bite – then we combined our efforts to rescue another with a string wrapped all around it feathers make it difficult we couldn’t even see the string. Someone said it wasn’t flying away because it was tired. Jon held it down and I painstakingly untangled it we are heroes. It flew away and we cheered. Then to Brighton so I could leave my ipad there – then we got a puncture then our support crew delivered the ipad and we rode to Redlands but we were late NO FOOD. No help from the internet we had to rely on our wits and instinct to survive! Got a cab into town and had chinesestralian at the Shanghai. Delicious! Home to bed in another taxi. This is the greatest adventure of my life although Jon is a bit mean.