Day 3


First Dog’s Diary! Day 3 – first actual cycling day. Today we must have ridden 200 or 300 kilometres it was very far. Cycled the scenic mountain route to Margate and bought some whisky. Missed the ferry at Kettering because of the road works and then missed the next ferry because we had a flat tyre, then mixed the next ferry because we had the wrong tool it was Jon’s fault. Rode to Bruny Cheese and met Cheese guy and his dog Tofu that was very nice also got some cheese! Rode to the accommodation on a dirt road, at the bottom of the last huge hill my battery died. Jon offered to take the whisky because it was “heavy”. HE IS TRYING TO KILL ME SEND HELP! I Rode up the hill to the very nice accom, and spent the evening tasting whisky and cheese together with our new quoll friend this island is pretty great.