Day 2

First Dog’s Diary – Day 2 of the tour was AMAZING! We got the tyre on the bike fixed and then we met Brett he runs actual whisky tours in tassie and so we were spending the day with him in a car! Not even an electric one. We went to Overeem and tried some whisky which was very good then went to Sullivan’s Cove home of the 2014 WORLD’S BEST WHISKY And we tried some whisky it was also very good – we didn’t drink the award winning one, but the the best friend of the award winning one they sit next to each other.

Then we went to richmond and had a scallop pie which is the national food of Tasmania. Then we had some whisky and went to Lark Distillery where a very friendly and large beardy man and some huge hairy cows showed us around the distillery and we… wait for it… drank some whisky it was very good. Then we drove back to the Lark Distillery bar in Hobart and we drank some more rather good whisky and talked to Bill Lark he has a peat bog. Then Jon made me walk to the hardware store but it was closed because everything in Hobart is always closed it is the national food here. Then we had a parmy at a pub that wasn’t closed and went back to Jon’s place and I talked to his cat. Day 3 the bicycle section of the whisky tour starts properly.